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Suwannimit started to activate in child protection together with some groups; Life Impact, and Tak office of Ministry of Social Department and Human Security (MSDHS) or (Paw Maw Kyaw) in 2018. We started to involve in child protection for the vulnerable children particularly vulnerable communities from Thai-Myanmar border have been lost their child right and protection. Thus, we collaborate for child protection to strengthen protection and promotion for child rights with our partners; Mae Tao Clinic (MTC), and Committee of Protection and Promotion for Child Rignts (CPPCR). We have been participating as a member at CPRS network, involved with many NGOs, CBOs and government organization, and mainly supporting in parts of technical and legal concerns at case management, advocating and referral cases from Ministry of Social Department and Human Security (MSDHS) in Thailand to Depart of Social Welfare (DSW) in Myanmar.

Overall Goal

The children along Thai-Myanmar border are able to raise up to adulthood with secure, healthy, and child rights access and exercise through our support in children rights, and protection, and children development and security.


  • To decrease child abuse caused from the communities and increase services of child rights in protection and promotion.
  • To increase communities aware about child rights and parenting and more support in child case management through partners.
  • To increase more support in smooth referral of child case from Thailand to Myanmar.

Our Support

Taking the role of coordination, Suwannimit mainly focuses to support the services on three main sectors; legal risk reduction, advocacy and continuous improvement. In legal risk reduction, we provide the service for legal advice, legal counseling and policy interpretation. We also serve for legal support in case management from communities through our project – Light House (LH). For advocacy, we closely work in case management and referral cases with Social Security board in Thailand and Department of Social Welfare in Myanmar. We collaborate with other CPRS network members about child cases. In continual improvement, we cooperate with research partnerships, funding raising for child protection projects, and implementing and advocating policies. We support in strategy review, capacity development, program impacting and evaluation.

Our Activities

In order to decrease child abuse cases, we go outreach together with CPPCR for communities’ awareness. We target to the communities, where is unreachable by other organizations, such as Mae Tao Tai community, MaeTao Sub district, MaeSot district and Tak Province areas in Thailand. The community awareness mainly covers child rights, child protection, child presenting, and contacting for child abuse cases. It has impacted many people from the targeted communities to know and access child rights, and protect children from their communities. We as well provide service for case management, legal counselling and protection through Light House (LH) in child protection that cases raise up from vulnerable communities. Besides, we also serve bridging coordination with government sector that allows us to support in interpretation at case referral between (MSDHS) in Thailand and (DSW) in Myanmar.

Future Plan

We work for child protection and promotion to develop the social security of people living not only Thai side along Thai-Myanmar border communities but also Myanmar side particularly at the areas where is unreachable and uncontrollable by the government. In those areas, Suwannimit, and its partners; CPPCR and MTC, and project partners; DSW and Stay in school plan to promote child protection and child rights awareness and strengthen knowledge and skills of professionals working with children. Promoting quality care and support for children and adolescents in need of protection and improving overall case management support services are planned to implement as well. Besides, Safe house for abandoned children and children referred from (MSDHS) to (DSW) are being prepared to operate and implement for child protection. In addition, Suwannimit and CPPCR will strengthen advocating for cross-border cooperation and mainstreaming child protection. We are planning and preparing to continue Child Recreation Center (CRC) used to run at old MTC. It is aimed to provide child care during parents or relative accessing health care in MTC. These plans are currently on move and start implementing.