March 3, 2017

Research Partnership

Let’s become Suwannimit’s research partners
The power of partnership, The power that changes our community

Our Research Partners Program offers donors the opportunity to personally select and sponsor specific researchers. It is possible to make a selection based on various criteria along the border of Myanmar and Thailand, including, illness specialty area, Migration, Legality issues, Human Rights issues, Organization Management or Education and Human resources by Suwannimit and its partners’ executive staff. Researchers are encouraged to post research information freely on our site with a specific amount of budget that the person tends to spend during the research schedule which should be sufficient for the whole schedule and reach more than 80% of the proposed amount within 30 days. Suwannimit are to support the workplace and transportation cost in Mae Sod and assist the selected researcher to get to its goal research budget.

Proposed research topics:

  • illness specialty in the area
  • Migration
  • Legality issues
  • Human Rights issues
  • Organization Management
  • Education and Human resources
Suwannimit Research Program Overview.

Our kind-hearted donors can review approved researchers’ grant abstracts and select one based on specific criteria as outlined above. The Research Partner may elect to review the researcher’s documents such as project summary, bios, publications or the submitted proposals. If the scientist has been previously funded, the donor may also review prior work and progress reports. Depending on the funding amount, a Research Partner may select any combination of researcher to sponsor.

Who can sponsor a Research Partner?
Individuals, families, foundations and corporations may all fund Research Partnerships.