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In terms of sustainability of ongoing support, we recognize the multiple funding source is critically necessary. Besides seeking the funding from other International agencies, NGOs, foreign governments, institutions, etc, Social Enterprise also be one of the emphasis of our fundraising strategy.

However, lack of any experience in business field and operation, we would like to have the  Suwannimit Social Enterprise (SSE), which is to expect that the practical support and guidance are direct from corporate to support our foundation to initial our social enterprise project and provision of ongoing and in-time support regarding strategic plan and cost-benefit assessment.

We are looking forward to having the corporate with the commitment and interest in such involvement as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is not only for in-kind or in-cash donation. Such cooperation extension of CSR will definitely benefit our SEC idea in long-term.

We have now so far produced non-chemical  soap, organic mushroom, reusable diapers, and reusable sanitary pads. Other stylish and interesting products will be available soon.

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