Serve for Community Development!

To contribute to the improvement of quality of life of persons living along the Tak border.

Suwannimit Foundation (SNF) aims on strengthening the operational capacity, programming impact and sustainability of community-based organizations (CSOs) that service underprivileged people on the Thailand-Myanmar border. It is currently headed by five reputable board members from civil organizations in Thailand.

Objective 1: To provide targeted and strategic support to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in both Thailand and Myanmar on education, social (including legal protection) and health service programs that increase public benefit. SNF’s role will include connecting Partners to Thai Government, Institutions and Civil Society to create opportunities for increasing capability and program partnerships, and best practice sharing.

Objective 2: To increase efficiency and effectiveness of CBOs by promoting and facilitating capacity building activities. SNF’s role will include supporting continuous improvement by providing assessment of operation capacity to identify improvement area and construct capacity development plan for Partners.

Objective 3: To improve the access of CBOs to skills and resources through centralized services and functional support. SNF’s role will include providing Partners with operational support via centralized services on Finance Operational Support, Technology Hub and Bulk Purchasing.

Objective 4:To reduce vulnerability and increase reliability of CBOs through improving the understanding and adherence to policies and regulations. SNF’s role will include supporting Partners’ pursuit to reduce their legal risk such as;
•    Property Acquisition and Management
•    Documentation Sponsorship for application of visa and work permit,
•    Legal Advice and Policy Interpretation; coordinate with Lawyer Council of Thailand to seek legal advice and with PLE’s advocacy staff on policy update.

Objective 5: To help CBO toward financial sustainability through the planning and implementation of multi-channel funding. SNF’s role will include assisting Partners to design and execute funding strategies for their financial stability. SNF will also accept and manage funds on behalf of partners. SNF has been managing funds directly for partners’ implementation and may consider providing sub-grants to Partners where appropriate.

Objective 6: To influence public policy and resource allocation of government, donors, and the community to support the initiatives of CBOs. SNF’s role will include advocating the works of Partners to donors which will also create awareness of Thailand-Burma border developments to donors, and donors can rely on SNF to ensure legal and effective use and distribution of funds. In addition, SNF will advocate the collective viewpoints of Partners to Government Decision Makers to rally support and influence policy changes to permit CBOs to conduct activities without risk of legal intervention or punishment.

Objective 7: To unify different development organizations (CBOs, NGOs, Donors, Governments) by promoting collaboration and communication. SNF’s role will include being an on point to help direct and channel communication and information among Partners, Governments, Donors, NGOs and Institutions, SNF helps in facilitating and hosting coordination meetings, creates and manages communication forums and channels for centralized marketing of border interests/efforts including social media, publications, and conferences.