Youth Empowerment & Education

Our youth empowerment aims to complement the efforts of migrant learning centers, education agencies, and their donors by providing support on other critical areas of a young person’s life, bringing a holistic approach that enables them to thrive.

Personal Development for Young People
Life Planning for Young People
Financial Literacy for Young People
Scholarship Grants

Personal Development for Young People

The first is a 2-day workshop where participants learn how to study their way of thinking and how they communicate, with themselves and with others, and on how they can use this information to get the results they want.

At the end of the 2-day session, participants can:

1. Know their representation system
2. Clarify their values
3. How to turn around their limiting beliefs into a true empowering belief
4. Know the domains in life and understand their level of contentment

Life Planning
for Young People

Life planning is a 2-day workshop where they utilize what they learned from the personal development session. During this 2-days, they will develop action plans, become strategic on how to battle distractions, which will increase their chances of making life planning as a lifestyle throughout their lives and pass what they learned to their children when they chose to become parents in the future.

Financial Literacy for Young People

We conduct a 2-day financial literacy workshop for young people where they learn how money works and how they will use this information to make the right financial decision and give them a good start in their adult life.

At the end of the session, participants can:

  1. Do personal budget planning and management
  2. Control their cash
  3. Understand how to transform from surviving to thriving
  4. Align their financial goals to their life plans

Scholarship Grants

There are two ways we do this:

1.Regular updates of scholarships provided by different agencies.

2.Manage a pool of scholarship funds from private donors.

Our team researches relevant scholarships available to the migrant youth and post this on our Mae Sot Scholarship Hub Facebook page. It is an interactive page where members can share information about FAQs and tips on landing to the right scholarship opportunities. This page is also a place to share how to comply with requirements.

We are also managing a small pool of funds donated by private individuals. We have a team of selected young people acting as a committee to decide how to award and manage the fund. All awarding process goes through the standard SNF financial management systems.

If you would like to take part in this pool of funds, you can get more information
by sending an email to If you are seeking scholarship opportunities,
join our Facebook group.