Give Opportunities to Young Generation!

How We Empower Youth Empowerment

Suwannimit empowers migrant youths through running own projects and collaboration with partners in vocational, educational and skill matter development, and any development relevant to youths. We serve for its purpose from a corner of youth empowerment in communities’ development as much as we can and with the resources, we have. We support at the essential services and existed projects. Besides, we educate, equip, guide, strengthen and support for migrant youths’ brighter future and improving quality of life.


Beginning from 2016, Suwannimit started to involve more closer and deeper depth of field for youth empowerment.  As advantages of agape school available and viewing our possibility and capacity to run for youth empowerment, we began to strengthen youth empowerment at there through psychosocial support, vocational workshop for migrant youths and organizing special events and competition. We support opportunities for educational and vocational studies collaborating with partners organization. We improve the quality of life of persons living along Thailand-Myanmar border through youth empowerment.


  • To equip and empower quality of life of migrant youth for various sector.
  • To strengthen brighter future for migrant youth.
  • To continue the essential service for migrant youths in protection sector
  • To continue and support managing and collaborating the education and protection strategy.
  • To provide psychosocial support and vocational workshop for migrant youth

Activities Done

We managed to continue supporting migrant youths for vocational, art, skills and language training as psychosocial activities. Through Oasis youth center and youth camp, we organized and ran several vocational, skills and musical trainings and learning opportunities. Many migrant youths accessed the learning opportunities of music, cooking, drama, films, designing, and computer. Language, culture and youth life exchanges were processed as local and international youth development. Youthhood and youth exchanges such youth and future, youth and literature, youth and challenges relevant to environment issues and youth and management were advantaged for migrant youths through youth camp. Several special events such playing sports and competition for model fashion, talents show, dancing and singing were held among different migrant learning centers. These impacted to increase much knowledge, information, skills and network opportunities among youths from both locally and internationally.

In addition, we have organized couple of coaching for youth’s personal development and have also done trainer of training for personal development. Many youths from post-twelve school have come to know their personalities well and how to balance their own values and with the values of third party.

We have recently empowered youth for their career planning and goal setting through Career Pathways Conference as well. The conference was cooperated together with other partners and it has impacted many students from different migrant schools in ways of well receiving knowledge and needed skills for future careers and educational pathways. Students at once realized themselves and could start preparation ahead for their future pathways before their high school graduation.

Current Activity

We in the current continue to empower youth through coaching both individual and teams for personal development in order to understand own personality and communication ways with different personalities. We coordinate and collaborate with our partners, some high schools and the coach for students’ personal development. Besides, we provide support for students in coaching. We are also setting a scholarship information hub for youths’ future studies and careers.

Future Plan

We plan to deliver more coaching both individual and group for personal development and to give training how to give coaching for personal development. We also set schedule to follow up students about career planning and goal setting presented from Career Pathways Conference. We will provide scholarship information hub for students’ further studies and vocational studies. We plan to do vocational training particularly in cooking and career planning training. We will also strengthen students’ English skills and computer skills. In addition, there will as well be youth camp or conference about SRHR for better comprehensive and taking care for their health and rights.